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Welcome to my Web site!

This is a page will be updated when I, get the time or can be bothered.

Hello my name is Paul 'Morgs' Morgan and I am from Blyth, Northumberland. And formerly of Streatham, now currently residing in Portsmouth....

Was in Streatham from Feb 1991, where I joined my good mate from school days, Mr. Paul 'G' Guerin. Mister rock 'n' roll guitar player of Geordieland, now the world.  We've basically been on the road for years, drinking, travelling and working with various good old rock bands. From his first band in London, The Red Dogs, to now, out with $ign of four (Phil Mogg's new band). I also went crewing for other bands namely UFO, Energy Orchard, Spike, The Quireboys and The Adicts to name a few. And working for Robin Greatrex in between times, who managed or helped these bands at some point in their careers.

The last six years, though, I have been working in the Records and Data Centre departments at Barings Bank and Citibank. How chalk and cheese can that be. And, now for IBM.

Please check oot the Photos from my and G's joint fortieth birthday P***up in Dublin, and various other p***ups, more will be added soon. And now of course my latest trip roond the world. Good to be back, not.

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