Mick Doyle's Bachelor Party, up the Toon, 8th and 9th Feb 2003.

Picture from the hoose before we left.

Mr. G

I think I'll have another beer, I think, maybe. Should I?

Paul Steadman and Al

Eugene, I want me bed now.

Patrick, Brendan, Terry and wor G.

Who you looking at ? Eh ?

Den and Eugene.

They can't keep away from each other.

Fill 'er up.

As the two stags go head to head, for domination and beer drinking rights.

After the Toon, back to Blyth for a party at Scotty's. A party to finish off the beer from New Year.

Man down, call for more beer.

Next night back in the Toon, after the Arse game. At the Simla Curry hoose.

The End